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The Future of Our Heritage

We are committed to providing educational opportunities and materials on the diverse Jewish heritage and history that is the foundation of inclusionary Jewish peoplehood and a stronger future.


The world will be a better place because of a connection amongst different peoples and Jewish groups through a sense of shared heritage, history, and culture.

Together we can spread pride in and knowledge of the narrative of the full Jewish mosaic.

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Jewish education should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of resources, including 5-minute video clips and teacher guides, to make learning about Jewish history and traditions fun and engaging. We also offer workshops for teachers to help them create inclusive spaces for their students. Join us and discover the richness of Jewish culture! Together we can create the future of our heritage.

Many of the videos were created by ASF Institute of Jewish Experience.


Are you curious about the diverse experiences of Jews in the community? We are passionate about producing and sharing podcasts that feature real stories of Jews from diverse backgrounds. Through our podcasts, we explore identity, assimilation, discrimination and pride. Our aim is to celebrate the diversity of our community and forge a unity that is built on understanding. Join us, as we explore and celebrate our diverse heritage.

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Our conferences bring together scholars, educators, and artists from around the world to learn, collaborate, and inspire one another. With a focus on a particular Jewish kehillah, we offer a range of academic lectures and workshops that explore the rich history and culture of the community. We also feature exciting artistic exhibits and performances that showcase the unique cultural elements. Whether you're a student, educator, or a longtime member of the Jewish community, our conferences have something for everyone.

What We Do

The Jews of Yemen - online course

Beginning almost 2000 years ago, the Yemenite Jewish community maintained a continuous presence in the southern Arabian Peninsula living in the big cities as well as scattered across remote villages, until recently. In this course, you will explore that heritage with:

  • over 30 international scholars and artists

  • over 40 prerecorded lessons of approximately 10 minutes each

  • opportunities for asynchronous discussions

Developed in collaboration with E'eleh BeTamar.

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Certificate of Sephardic Ancestry

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