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Classroom Videos

Looking for effective resources to enhance your Jewish education curriculum?

Look no further than our curricular aides!


Our sample materials include 5-minute informative videos, along with teacher background and suggested activities. Additionally, we provide teacher training workshops to ensure that you have all the tools needed to utilize our materials to their fullest potential.

Videos were created by ASF Institute of Jewish Experience or in partnership with the Union des Juifs d'Egypt en Israel, E'eleh BeTamar, Ono College or others.

Jews have been in Italy since the second century BCE when the Maccabees defeated the Hellenizing powers in Jerusalem and made a treaty with pre-empire Rome. Dive into the world of Italian Jewry in this episode of our History Series.

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Tu BiShevat is celebrated by the Bene Israel community of India as the Feast of Elijah the Prophet. Explore the Elijah-Bene Israel connection and discover the customs of the day and the traditional malida ceremony in this episode of our Holidays Series.

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In Libya and Tunisia, and in select communities across MENA, Jewish women took Rosh Hodesh Tevet, the first of the month of Tevet, as a day to celebrate women. Stories were told, there was singing and dancing, and of course great food was served.

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Legend, history, documents, and architecture draw a line from Moses to today around the Ben Ezra Synagogue. The Fustat (old Cairo) synagogue, once a pilgrimage site, is as rich in tradition as it is architecturally rich in design and meaning.

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